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The Facts About Sameday Payday Loans

Sameday payday loans are cash loaned against a check with additional charge on the borrowed money to be returned within a certain period. The borrowed amount is deposited into your bank account in 24 hours time and the payback is done through the same process - electronically the amount is automatically deducted from your bank account on the due date.

How it works

To offer sameday payday loans the lending companies have their websites with ready-to-fill forms which require some relevant information about you and your source of income. Once your application is approved they send you a confirmation mail and the sameday payday loans are transferred to your account automatically.

There are some companies online who help to match your requirements with a lender from their own list of lending companies. As soon as there is a match you get a message to contact the lender directly to apply for sameday payday loans.

Requirements for the sameday payday loans approval

Proof of your present employment is necessary to substantiate the fact that you are capable of returning the borrowed amount.

Your social security number is required and along with it you have to give either your passport number or your driving license details.

You must have either a checking account or a savings account which is active. Besides your bank should be accepting direct deposits from the lender. You need to give your account number and the routing number of the bank.

Sameday Payday Loans amount and charges

You can borrow up to a thousand dollars, depending on your income and pay back ability. Interest is charged if and when you need extension on due date of the principal amount, with a minimum fee. The lending fee varies with different lending companies.

The amount of interest depends on the amount you borrow and the sameday payday loans tenure. A longer period will necessarily draw higher interest charges.

Some lending companies even give extensions for paying back the principal amount and charge a few dollars for the facility.

If you cannot pay back on time as decided by you and the lender there can be extra charges added on to the principal amount.

You do not undergo any verification process other than the information you have provided, which is verified upon. So even if you have a negative credit rating and yet need immediate cash for a sudden emergency all you need is to be a salaried person, an active bank or checking account and a proper ID proof. The sameday payday loans are deposited into your account within 24 hours of the proposal.


Once you have filled out the required details online the money is transferred to you account within 24 hours. There might be delays on weekends and national holidays and in that case the money comes in the next business working day; weekday requests get done the same day.

No obligation

Filling up the form online does not obligate you take sameday payday loans, it only means a representative of the lending company contacts you to advise you about the process, amount you can borrow and the interest charges applicable.

When and if you want to go ahead with sameday payday loans, you need to affirm the same on the form and soon a confirmation mail is sent to you with all details, which are not displayed in the site for security reasons.

Reason for disapproval

The only reason you may not get approval for sameday payday loans is if you have unpaid borrowings in this market. The only option then is to pay back the pending amounts before you can proceed with any more sameday payday loans.

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