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Where To Look For Cheap Payday Loans

It's a tough world economy and many people are forced to look for cheap payday loans nowadays to make ends meet. There is no shame in getting a little bit of financial assistance when you need it, especially when a fast cash loan can mean the difference between a house foreclosure, apartment eviction or car possession and staying financially solvent for another pay period.

Cheap payday loans are a good option for a variety of reasons if you are seeking to borrow money to pay off immediate bills. In comparison to most other types of money lending, payday loans will allow a borrower to keep all of their possessions intact. In most cases, to get fast cash from a lender a borrower will be forced to put up something they own in the case that they can't pay the money back on time.

For instance, there are many car title lenders who will only give out cash to borrowers that agree to have their car repossessed if they can't make timely monthly payments (which is not the cheapest option in most cases). With cheap payday loans, the only thing a borrower needs to do is have a guaranteed source of income, that they can show in their checking/savings account.

The lender will take the information given to them with the borrower's banking information, and determine how much they would be comfortable lending to them. In most cases, the lender will simply ask for a post-dated check to be cashed the day of the payroll deposit into the lender's account, and will only charge a low fee (usually 5%-10% of the loan amount) for the lending service.

It can be a chore to find places that will allow cheap payday loans. As mentioned, most lenders will make more money by asking for collateral (i. E. Car titles, gold, jewelry, and other valuables) at the time of the loan, rather than allow the lender to simply use their own income to guarantee the lien. As these lenders are in the business of making money, some areas of the world (for instance, many states in the United States) have made efforts to remove the option of the payroll advance.

The lenders who strive to eliminate payroll advances make the argument that it encourages fraudulent lending practices, since borrowers could easily have quit their jobs at the time of the cash advance and close their checking accounts to leave the lender without any means to recoup their costs. This of course is easier said than done, and it is a simple matter to verify employment and retrieve checking account funds even after a customer closes their account (especially in the case of a post-dated check).

However, it stands that getting access to payroll advances is a task when title lending and pawn lending are more frequently advertised to borrowers as the more expensive option. It's also the more lucrative option for lenders, and hence many financial markets will agree to do away with cheap payday loans being that it is by far the cheapest, least-risk option for a borrower.

If you ever have occasion to need a fast cash loan, it certainly pays to research the best options available to you. If you don't wish to dig yourself a bigger financial hole by putting up your prized possessions to receive fast cash, make payroll advances your top option. Looking around your local area for pawn shops and check-cashing locations is the easiest place to start to find a nearby lender offering cheap payday loans.

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